Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Holi-burning Prahlad

The words of greeting 'Happy Holi' leave me stunned. So would Prahlad. On whose side do you stand – Holi or Prahlad? Since you don't want to sound pretentious therefore you speak from your heart – Happy Holi. But is it because you too want to hatch a conspiracy to get rid of Prahlad? So far, you seem to have succeeded. But what next?
One can see Holika at different places sitting with Prahlad in her lap. The fire has been lit so that Prahlad perishes in it and the demon Holika emerges unscathed. But legend has it that Holika was charred to death, falling a victim to her own conspiracy, and Prahlad was safe. But it appears that the present-day civilisation is not happy on Prahlad's survival and Holika's demise. So, the people wish everyone 'Happy Holi.'  We have been caught in the web of witches. We are standing by the side of a witch like Holi and raising voice against Prahlad. It is our irony. Everywhere a conspiracy is being hatched to kill the good and honest Prahlad, and Holi has the responsibility to carry it out. Take the budget. The Holi of Manmohanomics has taken the republic – like Prahlad - in its lap and sitting on the pyre. The flame of outrage is burning in our hearts, and people like us are adding fuel to the fire, and shouting 'Happy Holi'. The orphaned Prahlad asks everyone in despair – Does anyone have the balm for his wounds?
Generally in every household there are a couple of Prahlad like smart and innocent children. Over the years we have been making provisions in our budget to ensure the gloomy future for our young citizens. In a country where young Prahlads have to take loan for their education, queries on their self respect are but natural. People who wish a Happy Holi on this occasion are definitely class enemies of characters like Prahlad.
The legend has it that Hiranyakashyap and his sister Holika were the meanest creatures on earth. He had a son Prahlad. Prahlad represented the young generation, so he had his own ideals and principles. He knew how to stand and fight for his principles. He opposed the immoral deeds of his corrupt father. So, his father Hiranyakashyap, along with his sister Holika, hatched a conspiracy to kill him. Holika was a corrupt lady but was blessed that no fire could harm her. So, the conspiracy was that Holika would enter the fire with young Prahlad in her lap. With the blessing, Holika would emerge unscathed from the fire while Prahlad would perish – and Hiranyakashyap will have his way. But nothing of this sort happened. While Holika perished and was burnt to ashes, nothing happened to the honest and principled Prahlad, who emerged safe from the burning pyre. And see the irony, today we exchange greetings of Happy Holi by apparently celebrating the survival of the wicked Holika!
Those who are prosperous and lead colourful lives, are happy and delighted. The rest of the people are trying to infuse some colour into their lives with borrowed colour. But can this borrowed, external colour actually bring any colour into our lives? Today happiness is being marketed and our silent wishes are trying to appear happy. Neither the sellers nor buyers of happiness are happy. Actually it is a mirage in which we have outlived our lives in an attempt to gather our joys. Doubt lingers over the rest of our lives, and happiness appears far away – across the horizon, like a mirage. This is what the Manmohan theory has devised for us in this budget.
Sonia, Priyanka, Ambika Soni, Sheila Dixit, Mamta Bannerjee and Mayawati – all are symbols of Happy Holi. And what is in store for young Prahlads of this nation? A police bullet?
Let us identify and recognize the Prahlad who is a question mark on our character. Young Prahlads! Burn the Holi and know the Prahlad within yourself... and make him stronger.
We are being made poorer in easy instalments. Once we become poor, we will naturally become slaves. When enslaved, this independence will have no meaning. They want this to happen. Many Rahuls, Priyankas, Sachins, Jatins of this country want servants for their homes and therefore a movement is on to make servants out of the citizens of this country. Domestic servant, shop attendant, factory labour, different category of government servants – children of our independent country dream of becoming servants. Gandhi had fought to stop our people become servants of white masters. But we remain slaves by mentality, so we are out to search slavish talent in everyone. On becoming servants, we indulge in robbery and bribery, and celebrate the burning of the values of honesty represented by Prahlad, and shout like demons – 'Happy Holi.'
(Published in By-Line National Weekly News Magazine (Hindi & English) - in March 06, 2010 Issue)

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