Friday, March 19, 2010

Cuss of currency

It was a strange sight that day. While the naked saints were busy washing off their sins in Kumbh, the leaders of a particular political party were busy in executing their nasty design by getting a garland of money prepared to propitiate their boss. Between these 'saints' and the 'evildoers', stands new Samvat era. And the common man sandwiched between the 'saints' and the 'sinners' gasps for breath.

What is happening everywhere is unfolding a sordid drama of what has to come. In Srinagar (J&K), the tricolour has been burnt as if it were a community festival. This must have saddened and shocked every Indian. Similarly, another news item that shook us was Pak-sponsored, which said that Lahore was attacked by Indian terrorists. Similarly, the news item that the men who sprayed bullets on the Sri Lankan players during their tour to Pakistan were also Indians hit us like a ton of bricks. One another news that Sadhvi Pragya and Col Purohit were arrested in a bid to spread Hindu terrorism gave a severe jolt to us. What is more shocking is the fact that the police secretly spoke of the hands of Hindu terrorist organisation in Pune bomb blast.

But then every time the story begins where one left off. This time it is the self-styled babas whose misdeeds have sapped the social fabrics of our country. All these babas are saffron-clad Hindus. None of them is either a priest or a maulvi. All this makes it amply clear that either the spiritual leaders of Hinduism have fallen from their paths or it is an orchestrated attack on Hinduism. While it is difficult to say if it is true or a mere conspiracy, it is clear that Hinduism is standing on crossroads. The Islam and Christianity are gaining strength but the Hinduism is weakening. So is the condition of the Buddhism and the Sikhism. What is different is apparent as the religions which originate here are being condemned in such a way that the Indian nationalism may die a slow but certain death. One must always keep it in mind that Bharat is primarily a spiritual entity and then a sovereign identity.

The people of India are sandwiched between these 'babas' and 'bandits' of political outfits as the new weapons of war in this decade are money and votes. Those who wield these weapons are always greeted with garlands of currency notes. The income tax people are also stunned by this fact. Maybe this is disproportionate to their known sources of income, but it appeals to their political consciousness. The irony is that you cannot abuse a Pandit because the consciousness of Parushram will torment you. An unhindered analysis of the misdeeds of a Thakur will invite the wrath of the Chetak community. Baniyas are of course, the younger brothers of Agrasen and above reproach. The Yadavas, Lodhis, Kurmis, Jatavas, Pasis, Bhangis all have flung their flags high in the sky; and you cannot criticise any one of them from an open forum. An adverse analysis of any Muslim, Christaian, Sikh or Jain saint will put your life in danger. But, if you criticise India, no one says a word. Rather, many will applaud.

The roof of this country which is like a lodge is leaking and that mending its dilapidated walls and its tattered roof is not considered our responsibility. We are simply bothered to save our heads from a leaking top. The farcical faces of our religious lords have been revealed many times; and our language has been corrupted. Now, every political jargon carries two meanings, one is actual the other is notional- dalit, minority, secular are the words of such dubious meanings. Here, one who rules is also called dalit and stand shamelessly wearing a garland of crores of thousand rupee currency notes; and where minority means being majority who comes second numerically. If Sachin Tendulkar cuts a cake which is in the shape of the map of India or Mandira Bedi wears a saree which bears the print of flags of many countries, they have to publicly apologise for their crime. If a cop in Kolkota or Bangaluru by mistake drops the national flag on the ground, he is suspended. But when the separatists in Jammu & Kashmir launch an agitation and burn our national flag, we all remain silent. The electronic media, which has telecast the news of Sachin, Mandira and the poor cop as breaking news, does not utter a single word about the government failure to hoist the national flag in Srinagar and its burning by terrorists. It would have been a happy situation if the walls of all religions had crumbled. Ironically, the walls of Islam and Christianity are becoming stronger.

Maybe it's Bareilly riots or the Boriwali bomb blast our hands are stained with the blood of our own kin. The people being killed by the Naxals and the Naxals who are losing their lives are all Indians. But on the whole, it is the Indian nationalism which is being murdered. It's high time that either we are killed or pay our enemies in the same coin.
(Published in By-Line National Weekly News Magazine (Hindi & English) - in March 27, 2010 Issue)

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